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MEL Scripts

Layer Grouper v0.1
A workflow enhancement that allows you to show or hide layers based on their color code. For example, I like to have separate layers for the proxy geometry and high resolution geometry for each of the characters in my scene. Using this script, I can quickly toggle between the hi-res and proxy geometry for all of the characters in my scene.

Toggle X-Ray shading mode
This is not really a mel-script, but still a handy workflow improvement. By linking this code to the hotkey 'Alt-X' you can quickly toggle between normal and X-ray shading. This code is by Luis Cataldi, one of my 3D teachers.

Maya Models

A simple polygonal truck model used in the background of Wild Cinema. No textures included. Maya ASCII, 621KB.

Bush Baby
Bush Baby Skeleton

Bush baby skeleton from Wild Cinema with proxy geometry. No facial expressions, fur, or deformable skin. Maya ASCII, 1.15 MB.

portable record player
Portable record player
This is a portable record player similar to this Victrola model from the 1920's. Modeled in polygons without textures. Maya ASCII, 500KB.


All texture images are TIFFs.
grave stone leaves rusty metal
Gravestone Leaf-covered ground Rusty green metal
button leaves la brea tar pit
Button Subway wall tiles La Brea Tar Pit
la brea tar pit 2    
La Brea Tar Pit    
Utilities / Miscellaneous
This Perl Script descends recursively through a Unix directory and builds an HTML index page of all of the files it finds. I developed this script for use with the Washington Square News Web site. Very simple script but conceivably useful elsewhere.

A simple recursive text search shell script for UNIX It takes two arguments, a search string (the word or pattern you want to find) and a path to the files you want to search.