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about me
A picture of me taken by Susie Hwang.
My name is Doug Letterman. I am a recent graduate of New York University, a 3D computer graphics artist, and a programmer.

I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and work in White Plains as a modeler for Blue Sky Studios, the folks who made "Ice Age."

I created this site to display my 3D work and provide information that might be helpful to other people working in 3D.

The site is called "render fast!" because I seem to spend much of my time waiting for my computer to render stuff. Whatever one does in 3D, it always seems to involve rendering and compiling and waiting for the computer. This site is named in the spirit of a fast render and less time spent waiting. Render fast!

All of the work on this site is my own, but by publishing it on the web I understand that people may want to copy it and use it. All of the models and images on this site may be freely used, copied, and distributed as long as my name is properly credited with each use and the user notifies me via e-mail.

I may be reached at doug*AT* (@ changed to "*AT*" to avoid SPAM)

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you find it useful.