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Wild Cinema Wild Cinema Scene 20
Wild Cinema
(2 min., DivX, 8MB)
Complete Demo Reel
(1 min., Quicktime, 3MB)
Wild Cinema Scene 5 Wild Cinema Scene 20
Scene five from "Wild Cinema," my senior project in 3D animation at NYU. The two characters are the bush babies, Stuart and Heidi. Scene 20 from "Wild Cinema." The two British chaps are Jeffrey and Baldrick.
Wild Cinema Scene 15 Wild Cinema Scene 1
Scene 15 from "Wild Cinema." Here the elephant knocks the movie screen over in a panic. movie (Quicktime, 900K) The opening shot of "Wild Cinema."
bush babies Wild Cinema Scene 3
The bush babies seeing the humans for the first time." Wild Cinema" scene 17. Scene three from "Wild Cinema." Jeffrey, right, and Baldrick.
napoleon christmas card chapstick
A Christmas card I made for Napoleon. A Chapstick Esther Williams dance number.
Jeffrey Ollie the Elephant
The model for Jeffrey's head. The wireframe is on the right and the textured model is on the left. The model for Ollie the Elephant, from "Wild Cinema," with wireframe.
Bush Baby Ollie the Elephant
One of the bush babies. An early walk cycle test for Ollie the elephant (Quicktime, 3MB).
sailboat subway
An image from a ten second animated piece titled, "Sailboat." The still above is from my first 3D project, a short dolly through a New York City subway station.
toothbrush susie

An animated toothbrush (Quicktime, 550K).

I created this character, "Susie," for a special commencement cover of the Washington Square News, NYU's student paper.